Comparing the Costs of Barefoot Hoofcare to the Shod Horse

We have done the maths and compared the average costs of hoofcare for the barefoot as opposed to the shod horse.

Let's assume that the SWISS GALOPPERS hoof boots last for two years and  the sealing strap on each boot has to be replaced once. The recommended trimming interval for hooves is 6-8 weeks. So in a period of two years the hooves would have been trimmed 15 times.

The barefoot trim
$478 2 pairs of SWISS GALOPPERS Hoof Boots ($239 incl. accessories)
2 replacement pairs of sealing straps ($26 a pair)
15 barefoot trims ($50 average) 
Total for barefoot hoofcare


The farrier trim
for 15 farrier trims including shoeing ($120 average)
Total for the shod horse


There is no right solution for every horse but when it comes down to comparing the costs for the barefoot to the shod horse it becomes clear that shoeing is more pricey. What is more, there is a big advantage of being able to do some correcting in between barefoot trims yourself as opposed to the farrier trim where there are limited possibilities of doing so.