Not sure what Size of Hoof Boot your Horse needs

Your horse needs new horse hoof boots and you don't know what size of SWISS GALOPPERS to buy? 

We know that measuring for the right size is the pain of every rider whether it is for the next endurance competition or the next trail ride. The last thing you need is the hoof boots to be flying off and having to start a search in the mud for them which just too often turns a wonderful ride into a painstaking task.

Therefore, determining the right size of horse hoof boots is crucial and saves from disappointment!

When taking measures for SWISS GALOPPERS the part that determines the size of the boot (SG3-SG8) is the width. Here you measure the widest part of the hoof. 

Now you want to know if your horse needs the SG-standard or the SG-L-version. To make this decision it needs the measure of the length to be taken from the tip of the toe to the end of the bulb. This is a longer measure than other hoof boot brands need which we from SWISS GALOPPERS think is more exact.

However, sometimes the gap between needing the standard or the L-version is pretty narrow a third measure should be taken to surely determining correct version. The measure of the heel hight should be taken from the ground to the deepest part of the pastern.

how to measure for Swiss horse hoof boots for trail riding

This video explains in detail how to measure to get the size of horse hoof boots you need.

Still not sure what Size you need?

Don't worry! Use the SWISS GALOPPERS promotion “Try before you buy”!

We just need some pictures of the hoof with a measure tape along the width, length and heel hight. If you add one or two photographs of the hooves from a standing position from the side and behind, perfect! Send those to our Email and we can suggest a size. 

Then put SWISS GALOPPERS horse hoof boots to a test and ride them for two weeks. 

We are convinced that not only you will notice the softness and quality of the hoof boot but also how comfortable your horse feels riding SWISS GALOPPERS with its shock absorbing insole. 

SWISS GALOPPERS makes measuring easy because whenever you are stuck you can use the free hoof boot consultation by simply dialing 509 508 6460.

And what is more, your order will be shipped today!