Lori W. and her Fell Ponies, South Dakota

Our choice of SWISS GALOPPERS Hoof Boots for our Fell Ponies at Dakotafell in South Dakota was based first on market leading technology, EASE of use and GREAT service (especially when fitting the first pair of boots)! Because the foot of a fell pony is rather large and broad vs. an average horse of their size we had a bit of a problem measuring and communicating the correct size we needed. Steve and Eli not only communicated through email but phone call and FaceTime sessions with us to help get the right size boot for our Fell Ponies. We sent one pair back and the second (correct pair) was received within days.

Typically we do not use riding boots on our Fell Ponies as they are known for solid feet for most environments. Living in the mountains with sharp rocky terrain preserving the hoof is important in those riding circumstances. If you need a boot full time, part time or just on occasion the investment in a good boot for your horse is the same as (or maybe more important) as good footwear for yourself. Poor feet can equal poor performance and potential future problems. We believe in investing in the best for the foot - without a solid healthy hoof we are going nowhere with our Fell Ponies.