Deliene S. and Rebel, Washington

My big quarter horse Rebel and I are really happy with our SWISS GALOPPERS Hoof Boots. We have tried two other brands and liked aspects about each one but neither really did the trick for what we do. Usually we are trail riding in various types of terrain here in Eastern Washington (rocks, sand, mud, hard packed dirt roads, etc.) and last year we started endurance riding, usually 25 or 30 mile races. 
What I like so much about SWISS GALOPPERS is that they are a thicker flexible rubber sole that so far haven’t worn out at all. A previous brand we tried had flexible rubber soles but we wore them out pretty quickly. And another brand we’ve tried had a hard shell that didn’t “give” on rocky terrain. The other aspect I like so much is the design with a Velcro strap that goes all the way around the heel bulb. There’s no hardware or wires to mess with or break. And you can purchase endurance gaiters that add protection. 
We are looking forward to many great rides this season and we will always have our SWISS GALOPPERS on Rebel’s big feet!  Thank you Eli and Steve for your great customer service!  You have been really terrific and easy to work with. Keep up the great work!