Hoof protection: a long-term test with SWISS GALOPPERS

The editor Moni from PferdeMagazin tested the SWISS GALOPPERS horse hoof boots for trail and endurance riders in 2019 during half a year with her Bardigiano Pony Granada. This is the test report (translated from German).

The SWISS GALOPPERS hoof boots are supposed to fit perfectly and have a low level of abrasion. But is that true? Do the hoof boots live up to their promises? We put them to the test!

This is what the manufacturer says:

The SWISS GALOPPERS hoof boot is produced with 2k injection molding using the technologically most advanced plastic material with a high level of abrasion resistance. While the soft component (copper colored) in the heel part is flexible the soft bed of rays in the insole has a shock-absorbing effect and prevents the boot from turning on the hoof.

The SG Summer Boot Kit contains a pair of each:
horse hoof boots with sealing straps
heel protection
fetlock straps

The manufacturer recommends the L-version for narrow and longer hooves, more pronounced and/or higher heel bulbs.

The Test

The hoof boots arrived in May. The joy and excitement was great! Unpack right away and take a close look. The first thing you notice is the solid and stable appearance. There is an extra protection so the horse does not chafe at the heel of the hoof. After briefly reading the description I was able to easily attach the protective pad to the boot. However, the weight of the boots surprised a bit. Compared to other hoof boots they are slightly heavier. I'm wondering if this has any effect in practice?

Putting them on

Finally in the stables, I put the hoof boots from SWISS GALOPPERS on Granada's hooves. And that's really easy to do. Quick and easy to put on – just the way I want it. When using different brands it quite often takes an acrobatic act until the boots finally fit. On the contrary, SWISS GALOPPERS are not causing any difficulties to put on. The boot simply slips over the hoof and then closes tightly to the hoof with the help of a velcro strap.

And off we go

Granada and I tested the hoof boots for six months: we went over hills and dales and through mud and water. We regularly went on long distance rides of more than 12mi.

The result is very satisfactory. Even after long rides there were no chafing spots. Only twice have we lost the hoof boots. However, this was due to a user error on my part, as I did not close the velcro strap firmly enough. 


The SWISS GALOPPERS horse hoof boots are highly recommended! In particular, the simple and uncomplicated handling is convincing. Whether on long rides over different surfaces or in the water, the hoof boots stayed on the horse's hooves without any problems. The fact that the hoof boots are heavier than those from other brands has proven to be absolutely unproblematic in the practical test. At no time did I feel that this affected the horse. The cushions for the heel bulbs show some signs of wear and tear after six months, but these can easlily be replaced. Thumbs up!