Ruth H. and Tango, Washington

I love my new SWISS GALOPPERS hoof boots, so does Tango! I chose not to shoe as she has a thin hoof wall and they splay out as they grow. Tango gets ouchy with rocky trails and I played the guess for correct size, ship and return, try again game. I ran into SWISS GALOPPERS representatives at an Equestrian Event and they fitted her right then and there and had supply I could purchase and not wait for delivery. I switched to SWISS GALOPPERS hoof boots this Spring and couldn't be happier. They adjust their fit and stay fitted between trimmings. No slip grip even when wet or muddy. Water drains out when going through streams and mud, up past her ankles, never sectioned off. Tango allows me to put them on with no fuss, she knows with these there's no ouchy rocks. Tango and I fully support this brand and their suppliers. 5 Star rating from us!