A Test Report by Horse Osteopath Katja Maria Mosch

Katja Maria Mosch was testing the SWISS GALOPPERS horse hoof boots during a period of six months. Here is an abstract of her review which was originally published on February 27th, 2019 (translated from German):

Together with various experts and a product designer Armin Eberle (hoof expert) developed the SWISS GALOPPERS hoof boots during a period of two years.

My story
Twice a week my pony pulls a carriage and I ride out with him approx. two to three times during that period. He is barefoot and unfortunately quite sensitive in the summer season because he has a very soft and thin hoof sole. Especially on gravel roads he walks very unsteadily and stumbles more often.

Being a horse osteopath shoeing is out of question for me because having nails in the hoof and a shoe under the foot restricts the hoof mechanism too much for my liking.

Quality, material and first impression of the SWISS GALOPPERS hoof boots
The first impression is outstanding. The material seems of high-quality, elastic and yet solid. The inside of the SWISS GALOPPERS hoof boot shines in a chic bronze. The bronze colored area is also more elastic than the rest of the hoof boot, it's  absorbing the shock of movement when the hoof touches ground. This protects the joints. Soft neoprene pads are attached to the heel part to protect the sensitive skin in this area of ​​the hoof.

After testing the hoof boots for six months I am absolutely persuaded! Even on long distance rides and when cantering, the SWISS GALOPPERS hold up as if they were glued to the hooves and my pony doesn't get any chafing. We never once lost one of the hoof boots. This fact exceeds my expectations by far. I am particularly enthusiastic about the soft heel bulb protection. The cushion is very soft and protects the bulbs of the hoof perfectly. I'm really happy to have found such a great alternative to iron. In my opinion this is one of the best hoof boots currently on the market. And SWISS GALOPPERS are busy developing. They have lots of great new ideas and try to help customers who’s horses have difficult hoof shapes and sensitive soles. Hoof boots with spikes are already available from SWISS GALOPPERS.


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