SG-X Winter Boot Kit (Hoof Boots with Accessories and Spikes)

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Each SG-X Winter Boot Kit comes with:

  • a pair of hoof boots, assembled with 6 spikes (+2 spare spikes for replacement)
  • a pair of sealing straps
  • a pair of fetlock straps (incl. cushions)
  • a pair of heel protections

SWISS GALOPPERS is hoof boot quality made in Switzerland

The SG-X Winter Hoof Boot provides excellent grip on snowy and icy grounds. The sole comes with 6 high-quality spikes, specifically developed for SWISS GALOPPERS horse hoof boots. Each spike is screwed into the reinforced sole from below and additionally glued while the insole remains fully intact; you can rest assured our spikes do not cause pressure points.

SWISS GALOPPERS horse hoof boots are injection molded and made of 100% recyclable, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The sole has an extreme abrasion- and slip resistant profile. The flexible, torsion-resistant insole prevents twisting and is joint-friendly due to its shock-absorbing effect. Heel, pastern and bulb are protected through ergonomic design and padding, providing a perfect fit for most hoof shapes. For slightly longer hooves, pronounced bulbs and higher heels we recommend the SG-LX.

SG horse hoof boots have a lifespan of up to 1,200 miles

For horses with specially sensitive pastern areas, consider extra pastern protection (not included in the SG Boot Kit). 

For hot and dry regions, check out our SG Summer Hoof Boot.

When it comes to putting on the horse hoof boots for riding, there are a few things to have in mind. Have a look at our instructions here and do´s and don´ts here.

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